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This site will be your financial survival toolkit, packed with financial information, news, advice, a guide book and resources to help you stay afloat in today's stormy economic environment.

It's not easy to make budgets balance, create savings and know what is fact and fiction when hearing financial advice on basics like buying a house, debt management and credit repair.We will provide the financial tools to help you make smart buying decisions, lower expenses, begin saving and construct a plan to achieve your financial goals. We want you to be in control of your money, protected through your savings and in charge of your financial destiny. The key is to have a "can-do" attitude, an accurate information source and a good set of financial survival tools; then you can chart your course toward a successful financial future!

Financial awareness and good money management skills are key components for building a successful life alone or with a partner. You cannot survive if you avoid the topic of money or remain clueless about your finances. Whatever happens in your marriage or relationship or life, you must take the steps necessary to be in control of your financial destiny.

Being in control of your financial destiny is important because:

1) Your financial health is as necessary to your survival as your physical and mental health.
2) Financial awareness and planning in the present will bring you more financial security in the future.
3) If you are not financially in control, then someone else is, and their interests might not be in your best interest.

The "My Money Basics" page has tips, facts, warnings and tools for handling your financial questions and concerns.

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